Pure ip control

Fortius Networks offers intelligent security solutions for a safer and more efficient world. we have the best Leader parnet global market in the segment of access to buildings and inventory controlled by IP systems,

Through ISONAS we provide an access control solution that allows an effortless integration with your existing systems, or new ones over time. When you switch to our "pure IP" system, the TCP / IP interface, accounting and time management systems and Microsoft Active Directory, our easy-to-install technology and our easy-to-understand process eliminate any need to re-train so that be ready to go from the first day.

We provide easy access solutions to your new or existing systems Pure IP ACCESS CONTROL by ISONA works with your existing TCP / IP topography and offers a complete set of commands having a wide range of features in the paired system. From video management systems to physical security information systems and more..



 • Open concept, no programming 

• Management of key and encoded credential 

• Compatible with Leaf Identity Protocols 

• Single credential that integrates to other systems  (multi-application) 

• Unlimited Applications 

• Typical Uses:  o Public transportation  o Access Control  o Closed-Loop micropayment  o Campus and Student ID Cards  o Loyalty Programs 

• More Secure than iClass with an offi cial  certifi cation from the EAL Contactless 

• Clamshell or Thin Card Options 

Pure Mobile

The new credentials, Pure Mobile, allow consumers to take the convenience of their mobile phone to the next level
and turn access control into a simple, hassle free part of their day. The new Bluetooth® Low Energy feature of our Pure
IP hardware family (RC-04) eliminates the need for a physical card and allows your mobile device to act as an access
card. Available on iOS and Android.