Fiber Optical Solutions

  Fortius Networks is here to serve you and assist you in your requirements and doubts regarding fiber optics, specialized attention in advising, consulting, quotation of services and supplies for fiber optic networks. We take care of the installation, connectivity, renewal, certification services, in single mode and Multi Mode fiber optic telecommunications systems for exteriors and interiors, fiber optic emplacements through fusion to guarantee a minimum loss in the signals and adapt to the most demanding requirements of our customers. We have highly specialized personnel crews Some useful features: We work with multi mode and single mode fiber optic link Connection of indoor or outdoor networks We make connections between building, MDF and IDF Fusion and fiber optic splices Measurements with the most accurate equipment to verify the attenuation and guarantee the quality of transmission Elaboration of ODF guaranteeing the best connection and protection of optical fiber 


Fiber Optic Rack Mount Enclosure